Jordan Nishkian


Jordan Nishkian is a native Californian and a firm believer in the Oxford comma. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach with a BA in Creative Writing and a BA in Anthropology, she has gone on to edit and write for a multitude of publications, businesses, and websites. Currently, she is the content strategist for an artificial intelligence provider, the founder of Mythos, and the Co-Founder of Ink and Quill Publications. When she's not working or wrapped up in her passion projects, you can find her curled up in a comfy chair with a book in her hand and a pen in her hair.


Copy Done Write

While my passion lies in creating copy for lifestyle, retail, food, and non-profit organizations, I have extensive experience in a wide scope of fields and have the flexibility to write in any style. My past work has included everything from creating technical copywriting for hearing aids and security alarms to creative storytelling for well-known blogs and editorials.

If you need someone who can take your big ideas and turn them into expertly crafted copy down to the fine print, I’m your girl.


Keeping Text in Check

This may sound a little weird to some, but I love being an editor! All the strategizing, project management, and proofreading—simply can’t get enough. Honestly!

While that might make me a bit of a weirdo, it also makes me a writer that can offer the entire package. No matter what your project is I can help you see it through from beginning to end, whether that’s starting an app, planning the next issue of a magazine, or organizing and scheduling your web copy.